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Quick Reference cards include key settings that we have found to be most useful for producing clear, easy-to-interpret sonar and imaging views, as well as specific procedures for performing a variety of the most common tasks on your Humminbird fish finder. Our cards are 8.5x11, two-sided, printed in full color on heavy cardstock for durability, and laminated to protect them from the elements. 
Side Imaging: Settings for SI when Scouting for fish or cover (including imaging frequency, color, range, chart speed, SI sensitivity, contrast, sharpness)
The Technological Angler's Quick Reference Cards
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Quick Reference card contents
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Side Imaging: High-resolution images
Side Imaging: Changes for 800 kHz
Side Imaging: Searching for hard-bottom patches
Down Imaging: Settings for DI obtained from SI data (including imaging frequency, color, beam width, chart speed, SI sensitivity, contrast, sharpness)
Down Imaging: Settings for DI obtained from dedicated DI units
Down Imaging: Beam coverage information for DI obtained from dedicated DI units
2D sonar: Settings for 2D for clear or deep water (including Switchfire, chart speed, beam select, surface clutter, sensitivity, and changes for 2D from dedicated DI units)
2D sonar: Settings for shallow water 
2D sonar: Settings for turbid water 
2D sonar: 2D sonar coverage (all frequencies and cone angles, including 2D from dedicated DI units) 
Specific procedures for:
Navigating menu systems

Advanced user mode

Managing views

Saving screen captures

Exporting navigational data

Customizing digital readouts

Changing chart orientation

Making all recommended sonar and imaging changes

Our BEST settings for:
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