The Technological Angler Volume 2 | Integrated Technology

In Volume 2 of our Technological Angler instructional DVD series, you will learn how to use multiple tech tools simultaneously to dissect the water and find more fish, faster than you have ever found them before. We include MORE details, MORE instruction, and MORE pro tips to help you use your on-board technology to its fullest potential. 

Volume 2 includes instruction and tips for Side Imaging, Down Imaging, 2D sonar, i-Pilot Link, and 360 Imaging. Scroll down for a full contents list.  
Early Summer Technology
Tips and techniques for using Side Imaging to analyze shallow water stumpfields. Recording and replaying iTracks using the i-Pilot Link system. Using the Cruise Control feature for speed control. The importance of XTE when working with i-Pilot Link.
Analyzing artificial structures
Tips and techniques for using Side Imaging, Down Imaging and 2D sonar to target fish cribs. Details on the differences between 2D and DI sonar. Boat positioning with the i-Pilot Link system. 
Tech tools for cool water
Instruction and tips on using 2D sonar. Details on using 360 Imaging to target individual pieces of shallow cover. Finding schools of shallow fish using Side Imaging, and using the i-Pilot Link Spot Lock feature for boat positioning
Finding fish in deep water
Details on using Side Imaging, Down Imaging and 2D sonar for finding schools of fish in deep water. Optimizing 2D sonar for vertical presentations to deep water fish. 
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